Moving Mermaid – Strolling Entertainment

The moving mermaid attraction is a unique one of a kind entertainment option that floats through the fair interacting with patrons off all ages. Creating magical memories, inspiring awe, and lighting up childrens’ eyes as an underwater mermaid that moves on land complete with a magical shell throne. Kids jaws literally drop when they spot the attraction and they run over giddy and excited to interact, get a photo or just clam up -pun intended seeing something they think is impossible. Angela Jolley also known as Anna Maria the Mermaid adds to the visual magic with stories from the deep blue, high fives, jokes and interactive conversation that’ll keep the little ones mind going for days as they think of their time at the fair. Special needs individuals love her soft nature and kind demeanor and are often drawn to the attraction. Generally you need something large fast or loud to draw a crowd but the nature of something magical like a mermaid draws the same interaction as folks belief in Santa and is something that will excite families to come to the fair and meet the mermaid while she is in your county.
There are a lot of strolling entertainers and attractions to choose from and Angela is easy to work with, is one of the few female strolling entertainment offerings that connects well with girls and will work in wet weather. What is a mermaid that is afraid of the rain??-Definitely not a real one!  Angelas super power is the fact that she can move around the grounds with a mermaid tail, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a nautically themed area that the mermaid appears at a handful of times a day. Please connect with us if you have any special requests or requirements that you are trying to find a perfect fit for. We will be happy to work with you!
While Angela is happy to work at numerous types of events such as parties, parades or Ren Faires, she specializes in performance at the Agricultural based events that make our counties and states proud. Agricultural fairs have always had a fun relationship with the unique, brand new, exciting, different and creative entertainment offerings that draw folks in and make it bigger and better. And Angela is happy to call this arena her home.
Availability is limited during the 2024 season and we are taking bookings into 2026. 
Below are a bunch of photos from a few events in 2023. Being a new Attraction, more photos are being added as she tours the US. Catch her in Massachusetts, Indiana, Wyoming and Mississippi just to name a few of the states she will be entertaining at an agricultural based fair in 2024